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Pop-up Camper Pet Mods - Campsite Fencing

YOU GUYS. This is the best idea ever.

I take full credit for this idea for our camping trips.

When we camped, the pup was always on a long line. She is not a dog that will stay next to you at all times, and we didn't want her intruding on others campers, and harshing their mellow.

The long line my friend, was nothing but a huge PITA. Oh my goodness, she was always caught on something. For like 3 years of camping. So annoying, and she also hated it. Keep in mind back then we were also in a tent. So she would get tangled up trying to go INSIDE the tent!

DING!! That's the bell going off in my head, and me presenting my awesome idea to my hubby.

Backstory - We had purchased a couple of exercise pens after MP had her first TPLO surgery. We used one inside the house and one on our patio, to keep her contained while on strict rest.

Me: Honey OMG! We should bring the Ex Pens camping!

Hubby: WHAT? No. I am not hauling that fencing around when we are camping.

Next camp trip - dog is tangled around the picnic table and grill where said hubby is attempting to safely cook dinner.

Hubby: How can we make this better?

Me: Umm.....

Next, next camp trip - We brought the fencing and it was SO GREAT! She was free to move about and no one was tripping over her or that long line. Two was pretty small for a 50# dog and us though, and it couldn't surround the entire site. It was basically just our chairs and the firepit, so we ended up purchasing two more for a total of four.

We now take them every time we camp. They easily attach to each other, end to end, to create a much larger pen, and we can position the doors strategically. The ideal scenario is to have them go from the side of the trailer surrounding the door, out and around the entire camp site. If we have a split site, or a back-in site, we will just encircle the campsite separate from the trailer. Its not AS awesome, but what do you do? It still works great for our needs and I highly recommend it to everyone. It contains MP well, allows her the freedom to go where she wants, including inside the pop-up, and it also keeps other wandering dogs and other small critters out.

I recommend spraying your exercise pen fencing with an outdoor polyurethane spray to prevent rust.

It gives an extra layer of protection, especially if you are using them in all kinds of weather or humidity.

We purchased our Exercise Pens from Ours are 36" tall, black, powder coated fencing by Precision Pets. See similar versions by MidWest HERE.

Keep in mind they come in multiple sizes, silver or black, and also work well with tent stakes to keep them more secure.

This is also not something that will work for every dog. If you've never tried temporary fencing for your pup, try it at home, in a secure area first. Some dogs will mow through these or simply jump over.

Happy Camping with your pup!!

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