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Small Entryway with Pet Storage DIY

Entryway Coat Rack with Dog Hook

WE ARE CURSED WITH A SMALL ENTRY WAY in our home; and no "mud room" like so many homes have today. Our door opens to the wall. We do not have even a foot of room back there for a hall tree or bench, so this project took a bit of planning for the best way to maximize storage. Finding a place to store coats and bags, and our dogs things where they were accessible, was a challenge in general. My husband wanted function. Stylish isn't his thing. He just wants them to be easy to grab and get to, and just as easy to put away.

I also want function, but for me it also has to look nice since our entry way can be seen from, well, pretty much our entire first floor. We thought about building a partial wall on the other side of the door, adding a built in type of hall tree, or even just an old fashioned stand alone coat rack. But with the small space it just would have felt more closed in.

I decided to create an area on the wall behind the front door to hang our coats, as well as the dogs collar, leash, and in the winter, her coat. It was super easy and relatively inexpensive, and most importantly it fits perfectly behind the door. As I mentioned, our door opens to the wall and we have literally 7 inches of space. I thought that this would work really well; it wouldn't take up additional space we dont really have, and still look great

I decided to use inexpensive wood from a box store for a rustic vibe, hooks from Ikea, and a cute hanging basket I found on Amazon, to create the perfect space. I also added a small, faux leather storage ottoman that I already had, for additional items on the other side of the door. Perfect.

To stain mine, I used a light coat of Minwax Stain in Special Walnut. I wiped it on with a cloth, and immediately wiped it off with paper towels to get the tone I wanted. Two light coats. After it dried for 24 hours, I applied a coat of polyurethane to protect it a bit from wear and tear. This also brings out the richness in the stain.

All of the hardware and wood were purchased from our local, big box hardware store.

The Designated Dog Hook

To make the coat rack:

  • 1" x 6" common board cut to desired length / Two Pieces (ours is 42" per)

  • As many wall hooks as you would like. I used 4 per piece. Appropriate spacing is about 5-8" apart, depending on the items you wish to hang. I used a different, smaller hook for the basket.

  • Paint or stain color of choice; for paint I recommend and used a semi-gloss finish to make it easy to wipe down. You can also use a poly coat over stain like I did.

  • Wall anchors and/or counter sink screws to attach to the wall

  • Wood putty to fill the countersink holes

  • Sandpaper for distressing, if desired

I also used a cute metal bone over the designated "dog hook" Another idea is to find a different hook for the dog's things - like a pawprint or bone shaped hook. Amazon or discount home stores are a great resource. Ikea has a darling hook that's a wagging tail! I have these in my garage to hold her long line.

I hung the adorable, little basket on the smaller hook on the bottom board, to hold waste bags. TA-DA!

Our dog's designated hook holds her leashes, collar, and her coat. Her other collars and her mini-rope toy (she carries it when we go on walks; its a thing) are in the ottoman, along with our hats & gloves. Any other items you may want close by can also be stored in the ottoman. Its great for handbags, my husbands school books, etc.! I added a tray I already had for hat and key tossing, as well as to add some additional style. Best of all, the area is now a stylish, yet functional place to keep things.

The Bonus Ottoman!

Here is my breakdown:

  • Common Board 1"x6"x8' $9.95

  • Counter-sink screws (singles) $.60

  • Wood Putty (already had this item)

  • Stain - Minwax Special Walnut (already had this item)

  • Wall Hooks $2.00 ea x 10 (Ikea - no longer available)

  • Metal Bone (Market 22 Shop!)

  • Small Hanging Basket 2/$12.00

Total Cost about $43.00

A great tip for paint and stain is to buy a mini or sample size of the color you would like to use. It will easily cover a small project like this one. The caveat with this is that paint is often only available in a flat or eggshell finish, but they may be fine for your project.

The Finished Product. LOVE it!


Please note we do not receive any compensation from anyone for the items used in this post! All projects and opinions are our own!

I no longer have a link for my storage ottoman, but find similar items HERE and HERE

Rustic common wood boards at Home Depot HERE

Black Wall Hooks at Ikea HERE (please note these are not the ones we used - they are no longer available. Booo.)

Metal Bone from Market22 on Etsy HERE (full disclosure, this is our shop!)

Small Hanging Baskets on Amazon HERE (see photo below!)

The Mini Basket Filled with Waste Bags

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