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Great Style Finds, Honestly Reviewed by the Market 22 Team

YOU ALWAYS SEE THE ADS pop up on social media of cute sweaters or bags that are "best sellers". I am always pretty leery of ads like that. Some of these items seem to not only have quality control issues, but sizing issues as well. That said, one of our favorite things to do is search Amazon and other websites for fun finds that dont break the bank. From handbags, to clothing, to farmhouse decor. If you look hard and have patience, you can find some REALLY great items!

All items are ordered and tested in the real world by the Market 22 team. None of the items on our lists are provided to us by Amazon or affiliates. All items are hand picked by us, for each months post, and reviewed honestly based on our own experiences and opinions.

Be sure to check back for new items reviewed in our FOUND blog posts!


Our item this month is an EVERYDAY TOTE by Dreubea. It is sold on Amazon and comes in over 50 colors and/or textures, is a great size, and has an inside slip pocket - not always common in an unlined, basic tote. There are many reviews for this bag - most positive, some mixed. We are using this tote as a dog carry all - yup, you heard that right! Its kind of our thing. That said, this is also perfect for all kinds of light, everyday use. Check out our experience below and decide for yourself!

The big thing that cannot be overlooked with this bag is that it varies in price between about $12 and $15 depending on the color. That's not a typo. When we found this bag, there were several factors in our decision to feature it in our post today. Cost - for sure. We are looking for a stylish option to a dog bag. Something that is functional but not, well, ugly, and doesn't break the bank. Size - we needed room for dog stuff - leash, collar, treats, toys, bowl, water bottle, a dog jacket for the cool weather, and a human's phone and wallet. Durability - we needed a tote that would carry everything and not fall apart, something that didn't matter if it got a little messy, and could be tossed around without worry. That said, this is a very lightweight, thin bag, that is perfect for our needs but in our opinion, would not hold up to extreme weight or heavy duty use.

We ordered this bag in 3 colors: "Dark Gray", "Dark Orange, and "Purple". For us, all three colors were a bit off from the website description and colors shown on Amazon. The Dark Gray is not at all dark gray, it is a mid-tone, true gray. That said, it is a nice shade, and the interior is also gray. The dark orange is more of a coral-sherbet tone - which is ok if that's what you want, but it is different than shown, and I wanted that true, deep, cinnamon orange. It is also lined in a reddish tone, not a natural tone as shown in the listing, which we didn't think looked quite right. The purple is a perfectly nice tone, but it is not the vibrant color shown in the photos. Think muted purple, and it is also lined in gray, which again is not as shown on Amazon. It is ok, but not the best. See our photos for a truer color reference.

I will say we thought this tote looked the nicest in the gray, even though it was not the color we expected. I think the fact it is lined in gray, and the tassel is also two tone gray, just makes it more pleasing to the eye. To us, the other totes looked like more of a "$12 tote bag". Somehow they were off, and it is our opinion that the different color lining and tassel contribute to that. In the case of the dark orange, the sherbet color also contributes. I am unsure if all of these bags that are lined in a different color would read the same way or not, but this also might not be a turn off for everyone. Keep in mind, this is definitely not one of those bags that is a dupe for a luxury bag, nor is it intended to be. We wanted an inexpensive, stylish dog bag, that could take some abuse, and this fit the bill perfectly.

The Dark Gray and the purple both have a nice texture, but all three resemble a pebbled leather. The grain is nicer on both of these than the dark orange, which again I think is due to the shade. The feel of all three bags is the same.

In researching this bag, I have found that there are in fact different textures noted with each color listing: as an example, "Army Green" is a pebbled finish, "Army Green New" is a textured finish, and "Army Green Plain" is a smooth finish. There also seem to be a few shades that come in a croc finish, and a few more that come in a faux suede. Overall, this bag is well constructed, and made from what I would call a low-ish grade, polyurethane leather (aka vegan leather). It measures approximately 14" long by 12" tall and 4" deep.

This is what I would call a semi-structured bag. It doesn't crumble, but it will fall over if empty. When full, it will stand without issue. They all have a brass snap closure, an interior slip pocket, and a handle drop of about 9". They also each have the afore mentioned, matching tassel hanging from the strap. The listing states there are two pockets, but none of the bags we received have two. I have packed quite a bit into this tote, and it has held up very well. That said, I would not recommend it for everyday use of very heavy items, such as books, larger laptops, or groceries. The straps are pretty thin, and it is my opinion that this bag is not durable enough for that kind of weight, or wear and tear. I can tell you a tablet or slim PC such as a Surface works just fine in this bag.

This is truly an everyday, very basic tote, that will carry your essentials, and I recommend it even for non dog-bag use! I am also using mine for camping in our trailer, as a carry all and beach bag, for picnics, or honestly anywhere I do not want to bring a more expensive handbag. Its working well for this and I dont have to worry about getting it sandy or dirty. And bonus: I find that this bag wipes clean very easily. For the price, I can't not recommend it, and I am planning on trying another one for myself in a different color. Which I can do because it's, you know, $12.00.

OTHER GREAT USES: Everyday tote, travel tote, beach bag, shopping bag, road trip bag, and of course dog essentials; when traveling with your pup, training class, or even just the dog park. It is definitely a DOGGONE great bag! (See what I did there!?). Try it for yourself and let us know your thoughts!

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