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Pet-Chic Style

updated post 2/1/2021

YOU'VE SEEN THEM, the crazy cat lady that wears "everything cat" from her closet at once, or the Pit Bull lover that wears the matching Pit Bull shirt, hat, and scarf. We love these people, we do, but not everyone can pull that look off and not everyone wants to. At Market 22, we like to call it "Dog-Chic". There are subtle and fashionable ways to wear pet & animal-themed items without feeling like you are over-doing it. Try some of our tips below to seamlessly blend some of these items into your every day wardrobe!

Here we have paired one of our Statement Tee's with jeans and a green cadet hat. The gray tones blend nicely, and the hat adds a pop of subtle style. Also pair these with black skinny jeans, a black scarf, and a black handbag for a neutral look.

These fantastic vintage tags add "Dog-Chic" style to any outfit, anytime. Dressed up or down, the 1950's antique-brass Boston dog license hangs on the bottom, on an antique-gold chain. We added the No. 22 tag, also in antique brass, to take it to the next level. No one will realize by looking at you that you are wearing such a unique find on your necklace. These add a vintage touch and timeless style to your look and are a great conversation piece! We carry several similar, vintage pieces in our Etsy shop.

The dog print, infinity scarf in dark orange is a perfect example of dog-chic. With dog and paw print silhouettes adorning the entire scarf, it is a subtle nod to you love of your four legged friend. This looks great with a simple pull over sweatshirt to jazz it up, but also works well for business casual, paired with a button up blouse or long sleeve tee.

Statement tee's are big in fashion, and the Market 22 t-shirts are no exception. With fun sayings like our exclusive, "Take the Road Less Traveled, and Bring your Dog" and our very popular, "If my Dog Can't Come, I'm Not Going"

they can be worn anywhere, anytime.

Pair these with shorts, and a leather pawprint cuff bracelet, and you are ready for a great weekend adventure!

Last but not at all least, is the Love Your Dog leather bar bracelet. Handstamped with a small pawprint, pair this cutie with anything at all for subtle dog-chic style. Available in black or brown leather, with adjustable snaps for sizing. This bracelet is also available in "So Fetching" and is adorned with a small dog bone stamp.

Find this and other styles at Market22 on Etsy.


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