Many dogs will "shake it off" after a stressful experience like greeting another dog or a loud noise. Its their way of feeling better and letting it go. Our Shake it Off sign is a metaphor for just that, let it go and move on. Watch your own dog, you'll be surprised!

Measures 5.5" x 18"

Available in Medium Stain with Distressed Cream Text


Our hip home décor signs are the perfect way to show your fun and stylish sides, along with your love of dogs. These signs can be hung on the wall, but also look great sitting on a bookshelf or on a stand like we did with ours.

These signs are hand made by the Paw Supply Co. They are finished on the back side in the same paint or stain as the front. Unattached mounting hooks available for $1.00. Please select this option below.



Shake It Off Home Decor Sign